Friends, family and supporters follow the action Live!

Usqor’s Livefeed enables you to follow each game in real time, receive real time update notification as to how your team is going. Be “in the loop” about start time, game location, goals, bookings and much more..all input live from the game!


Receive notifications of goals and any action at the game on your phone anywhere in the world! Stay connected to the team at all times!Perfect for schools and amateur sporting clubs. All sports teams have people who would love to be kept “in the loop”. Parents at work or people who can’t get to that game are kept in touch with all the action.


If you are going to be at the game, you can share that experience with other people who are interested to be updated LIVE! We call the person who inputs the feed “The You Score Manager”.

Anybody can manage, and anybody can follow. All teams in a club can participate from seniors to juniors.

Its great fun for all.

Usqor is a game changer! Brilliantly App makes it simple to broadcast your spin on the game to your live audience. Input the live action! Gives your team a extra incentive to perform well!

Start building a following in minutes.

Just click and tap.

One click and the App will send the broadcast/feed of the action. A manager can pre setup a game to make it simple to keep “followers” fully updated.

Public or Private

You decide who can follow the team. You can set it up as public so anyone can watch or private by invitation.

Upload photos

You upload photos and transmit them as part of live feed. Your clubs Logo will also be displayed as part of the team info.

Manager can appoint a deputy

If “You Score Manager” cant be at game you can appoint a deputy scorer to do the broadcast for that game. This makes it fun and the livefeed can be input by different people at different games!

Live Chat

App allows followers to interact with each other via its own Live Chat. Manager can switch enable/disable at will, so the option to allow Live Chat belongs to You ..As in You Score!!

Free and Fast

A team can be set up in minutes. Once thats done start building the “followers”.
Livescores and Livefeed makes it so easy to keep people connected.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with App simply send us an email

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